The Experience

Float tanks, also known as sensory deprivation tanks or isolation chambers have been seemingly just under the radar of mainstream awareness for the last thirty years but became quietly popular and have been used by the cutting edge of Olympic athletes, sports teams, artists, business professionals, meditation practitioners, performance artists, musicians and all manner of individuals who have recognized the amazing and dynamic benefits of using a float tank as a means to not only achieve euphoric states of relaxation but as a tool to enhance the already incredible ability of the mind-body.

Every float session begins with a shower which is in the same private room. Towels, soap, shampoo, earplugs(optional) are all provided.

At 4ft. high, 5ft wide and over 8ft. long the i-sopod float tank is considerably larger than most tanks on the market today.

Each tank is filled with approx twelve inches of water and has about one thousand pounds of Epsom salt dissolved into it. Click here: for more information on the amazing healing aspects of Epsom Salt

Not only does this leave the skin feeling silky smooth but the density of the water is such that the body is suspended and supported effortlessly much like a buoy floating in the ocean.

The water is heated to a delightful 93.5 degrees which eventually leads to the loss of kinesthetic sensation. In other words one can no longer feel a difference between the air, water, and skin. In essence this "tricks" the brain into giving one the sensation of floating in mid-air.

An i-sopod is designed to be a fully controllable environment and user friendly from the inside of the tank. Although the best benefits are intended to be experienced from restricted sensory stimulation, which is what the tanks were originally constructed to provide; the lighting, sound, and lid all have the ability to be set according to your comfort level,

Stepping into the tank is almost like stepping into some kind of futuristic space pod. The soft serene glow of LED light inside the tank can be turned off with the touch of a button whenever your ready to close your eyes and begin drifting away. Once inside the tank there is nothing left to do but to lay back and let go. To read about one person's first float experience follow the link, because there's nothing quite like the feel of something new...