The Benefits

~ Two hours in a float tank has been rated as being as restful and restorative as eight hours of sleep.

~ Flotation not only rapidly reduces stress and anxiety by sharply lowering levels of biochemicals directly related to stress    and tension such as cortisol, adrenaline etc. but actually increases one's tolerance to stress.

~ Induces the brain to release beneficial endorphins resulting in pain elimination. Also known as the "body's own opiates"    endorphins can also induce intense feelings of well being and euphoria.

~ The unique environment automatically brings the brain into what are called theta and delta brain waves states. These brain    wave states take meditation practitioners years of discipline to attain. Robin Williams fondly refers to flotation as    "...caucasian meditation".

~ Significantly increase recovery time from athletic activity by reducing the effects of lactic acid and allowing joints and    muscles complete alleviation from gravity. Which also translates into reduction of future injury.

~ Flotation brings about a shift from the normally dominant detail oriented left hemisphere of the brain to the right    hemisphere allowing access to enhanced levels of creativity, visualization and imagination.

~ Heavily pregnant women report not only extreme relief of body fatigue but because of the womb like nature of the i-sopod    feel an increased level of connection and empathy with their babies.

~ People with chronic ailments such as Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, and Arthritis report significant relief of pain and    discomfort that can last for up to several days after a session.

~ Current information suggests that regular float sessions can lead to the reduction or elimination of habitual behaviors such    as the use of cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs.

~ Floating has been found to decrease anxiety sharply, by reducing the level of anxiety-related chemicals in the blood,    lessening muscular tension, and increasing feelings of wholeness, confidence, competence, and security.

~ Floating even if only once every few weeks can strengthen the immune system and increase the ability to withstand and    respond to stress.

~ Hemispheric cooperation. Tests show that floating increases access to the right hemisphere and results in synchronization     of brain-wave activity.

~ A two hour float session has been reported to totally alleviate hangover symptoms.

~ Floating has the ability to give an individual profound introspective insight due to the elimination of virtually all
   sensory distractions.

*The statements made here are not approved by the FDA and our services are not intended to diagnosis, treat, cure or prevent any disease.