Welcome to Escape Your Body!

Whether you're brand new to the concept of floating or have heard of isolation tanks before but never had the opportunity to experience what they are all about get ready to learn something new! This site is geared to offer you the information you need to know in several different ways. For those that are pressed for time (and who isn't these days?) just click on the menu tabs to scroll through the summarized information and quick bullet points as to what Escape Your Body has to offer.

If you have more time or for those that enjoy other formats you can listen to these podcasts (,) through the online media player or download it and listen on the go, we have a Youtube page with testimonials and videos with varied perspectives on floating from around the web, a blog which will go into much more specific information on floating and for those that love social networking we also have a Facebook page Of course you can always call us here at Escape Your Body to book a session or send us an email with any questions you might have. We have also added the convenience of online booking where you can do everything from your computer.

We here at Escape Your Body are excited to provide the Lubbock community with an amazing tool to help you achieve balance and optimal health!

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